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Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Status of mushroom production in India

        Even as the mushroom production and consumption are on the rise in rest of the world, India witnesses a lukewarm response in its growth. Mushroom industry in India is overwhelmingly focused on white button mushroom which is a highly sophisticated and capital-intensive activity. The recent production data (official data of ICAR-DMR, Solan) showing that, the share of button mushroom in India is maximum amounting to 73% followed by oyster mushroom which contributes about 16%. There are two main types of mushroom growers in India, those who are growing white button mushroom round the year under controlled conditions and seasonal growers who are growing button mushrooms during the winter seasons in north western part of India. The total white button mushroom produced in India from both seasonal and high tech cultivation units is estimated at 94676 metric tons.

      Out of this, approximately 8500 metric tons of button mushroom was produced from the seasonal growing units located in Haryana and Punjab which accounted for 9% of total button mushroom production. By effectively utilizing the seasonal variations, the farmers of Punjab and Haryana region have revolutionized the seasonal cultivation process with very less inputs. Many growers started adopting the seasonal.

Courtesy: Respected scholar and publisher