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Importance of Mushrooms

Mushrooms are being used as food since time immemorial. These have been considered as the
delicacy. From the nutrition point of view mushrooms are placed between meat and
These are rich in protein, carbohydrate and vitamins. Mushrooms are low in caloric value and
hence are recommended for heart and diabetic patients. They are rich in proteins as compared
to cereals, fruits and vegetables. In addition to proteins (3.7 %), they also contain carbohydrate
(2.4 %), fat (0.4%), minerals (0.6 %) and water (91%) on fresh weight basis. Mushrooms
contain all the essential nine amino acids required for human growth. Mushrooms are excellent
source of thiamine (vitamin-B1), riboflavin ( B2), niacin, pantothenic acid, biotin, folic acid,
vitamin C, D, A and K which are retained even after cooking. Since mushrooms possess low
caloric value, high protein, high fibre content and high K: Na ratio, they are ideally suited for
diabetic and hypertension patients. They are also reported to possess anticancer activities.
  India is primarily agriculture based country blessed with a varied agro-climate, abundance of
agricultural waste and manpower, making it most suitable for cultivation of all types of
temperate, subtropical and tropical mushrooms. It can profitably be started by landless
farmers, unemployed youths and other entrepreneurs. It requires less land as compared to other
agricultural crops and is basically an indoor activity. These are the ideal tools for recycling the
agricultural wastes which otherwise may pose problem of disposal and atmospheric pollution.
   Therefore, mushroom cultivation is not only of economic importance but also has important
role to play in integrated rural development programme by increasing income and self
employment opportunities for village youths, woman folk and housewives to make them
financially independent.

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